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Nvidia Huang Renxun: Generative AI will completely change the computer architecture, and the graphics card will be far more important than the CPU



IT House news on May 26, according to CNBC reports, Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun said in an exclusive interview that Nvidia will usher in a record year,Generative AI will revolutionize computer architecture.

▲ Source: NVIDIA

Huang Renxun pointed out that CPU progress has slowed down, GPU accelerated computing is the future, and generative AI is a killer application. Nvidia believes there is a clear shift in the architecture of computers that could lead to more growth. Data center components could even become a trillion-dollar market.

Huang Renxun explained that traditionally the most important CPU for computers or servers, the main players in this market include Intel and AMD. But with the emergence of AI applications that require a lot of computing power, GPU will become the protagonist, and Nvidia dominates the current global AI GPU market.

Huang Renxun said that in the past, data centers mainly relied on CPU to complete file retrieval, but in the future it will become generative data. This also means that the way to retrieve all data will change to AI generating most of the data,Therefore, Huang Renxun asserted that future data centers and supercomputers do not need millions of CPU clusters, only a small number of CPUs can cope, but these CPUs will be integrated with millions of GPUs.

IT Home checked and learned that Google’s recently released A3 supercomputer is equipped with 8 Nvidia H100 GPUs, but only 1 Intel Xeon processor. Huang Renxun said that Nvidia’s software is not easy to copy, and all software, all software libraries and algorithms must be designed, integrated into the architecture and optimized, and optimized for the architecture, while generative AI will change existing computers. architecture.

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