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Ningde era: “chocolate battery replacement block” has achieved mass production-IT HOME



According to news from IT House on March 30, Ningde Times announced today that the company adopts the “chocolate battery replacement block” model to implement battery replacement. The battery replacement block has been mass-produced and has the service network capability of thousands of vehicles.

According to IT Home, in January last year, Ningde Times’ wholly-owned subsidiary Times Electric Services launched the EVOGO battery swap brand, which developed a new battery named “Chocolate” specifically for shared battery swaps. According to official data, it will adopt the latest CTP technology of the Ningde era, with a weight energy density of over 160Wh/kg and a volumetric energy density of over 325Wh/L.A single battery can provide a battery life of about 200 kilometers, and the entire replacement process only takes about a minute.

In addition, the chocolate battery replacement block has a wide range of adaptability, and can be adapted to 80% of the pure electric vehicles that have been launched in the world and will be launched in the next three years.

According to Chen Weifeng, general manager of Times Electric Services, the EVOGO battery replacement solution has the characteristics of one battery for multiple vehicles, on-demand electricity rental, and rechargeable and exchangeable features. “The ‘chocolate battery replacement block’ can be applied to passenger cars and logistics vehicles from A00 class to B class, C class.”

On April 18 last year, Ningde Times announced the launch of its first battery swap service project in Xiamen, and FAW’s Besturn NAT model became its first cooperative model for battery swap services.

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