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New Patent Reveals Meizu 20 Series Design



Meizu 20 Series Design Patent

Meizu Technology, known for its unique and innovative smartphone designs, has recently been granted a patent for a new smartphone design. The patent reveals a design that many believe to be the upcoming Meizu 20 series.

The Meizu 20 series design is expected to retain the iconic design feature of a ring flash below the three rear lenses, arranged in a single vertical line. Inside the ring flash, there is expected to be a laser focus sensor, which will assist in accurate focusing.

The front of the phone will feature a centered scooped straight screen and is likely to adopt ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology, expanding the fingerprint recognition area and unlocking the device quickly and accurately. The side bezel is designed with a right-angle frame, and the antenna break is also pointing to be made of metal.

Additionally, previous information has revealed that the Meizu 20 series will be powered by a Snapdragon 8 Gen2 mobile platform and carry satellite communication technology. With these impressive specs and unique designs, the Meizu 20 is expected to be a highly anticipated device.


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