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New high-end OLED TVs have a secret weapon, and it makes a massive difference



I just had the chance to see the Philips OLED+908, which is the latest high-end OLED TV announced by Philips as part of its new range, and uses the new next-gen OLED panel from LG Display that includes Micro Lens Array tech for improving brightness, as well as a brightness-boosting algorithm called META. 

We already knew about these parts of the OLED screens, partly because we’ve already seen the technology in the Panasonic MZ2000 and, unofficially, in the LG G3 OLED. (I say ‘unofficially’ because it’s effectively an open secret, but LG Electronics won’t confirm on the record that it’s using this panel in the G3. However, it’s the only thing that makes logical and technical sense, and I’ve spoken to people in the industry about it who are certain this is the case.)

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