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New Code Suggests Meta Instagram Will Support Paid Verification VentureBeat The Machine



IT House news on February 4th, the code included in Instagram’s recent update shows that it is working to add paid verification functions to the platform, a move similar to Twitter’s Blue subscription. The code itself quotes a string of text,The texts discuss “paid blue badges” and a new subscription product said to be in the works. This reference also exists in the latest version of the Facebook app.

The code was discovered by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who often discusses upcoming new features ahead of platform launches, not just on Instagram.

IT Home understands that Instagram has previously been open to new features on its platform, such as quiet mode and release plans. But this time, Instagram chose not to comment on the findings.

Currently, these code strings only indicate that Meta has been working on adding this feature to the platform, and it is not very certain whether this feature will be rolled out in the future.

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