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Netizens “molested” ChatGPT to make it “crazy”: Asking to repeatedly output a certain letter will generate all kinds of strange replies-IT HOME



According to news from IT House on May 27, netizen TheChaos7777 chatted with ChatGPT,I found a prompt that made it “crazy”-repeatedly input a certain letter.

In the picture posted by netizen TheChaos7777, enter: “Please respond with nothing but the letter A as many times as you can” (please reply me with as many letters A as possible).

ChatGPT can still output the letter A repeatedly as required at the beginning, but strange answers appear in subsequent replies.

The translation of IT House is as follows:

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After asking for the letter D to be repeated, the response was:

DDD Cgpcyclic and GDFA Bm G/AAFGD You threw me out to rot / Oh, why would you leave me, Dsus2 C/DD Dsus2 C/DDI was so.

IT House translated part of the content as follows: “You made me homeless, why did you abandon me”.

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