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Netease “Eternal Tribulation” free best action to commemorate Blizzard national uniform: I only hope that he will have no regrets in the future-IT HOME



News from IT House on January 24th, at 00:00 on January 24th, all Blizzard game national servers (except Diablo: Immortal) have been officially discontinued, and the national client functions and all game servers have been closed.

For this reason, “Eternal Tribulation” specially gave all players the first extreme action “Eternal” for free to commemorate the departure of the Blizzard national server game: “Today, we stand in the frost and see him off. There is no eternity in the world, I just hope he has no regrets in the future.” The collection period is until February 7, 2023.

“Eternal Tribulation” officially stated, “We are grateful for everything he has brought us. He taught many of us what is a team, what is a brother, why yu bie diu, who is a pig, who is a dog, who is yourdaddy, what is a pineapple and what Cows what is simple geometry what is fire what is a firewall what is a 144 Hz monitor he taught us what is eSports why eSports has no eyesight why cant say sorry. he used to tell us what is a good game , Many colleagues even entered this industry because of his influence. No matter how much right and wrong are disturbing, we, as players, are grateful for the joy and touch in the past. But there is no eternity in the world, and I only hope that he will have no regrets in the future.”

IT Home learned that “Eternal Tribulation” is a multiplayer action competitive game developed by NetEase’s “24 Entertainment Studio”. It will start the non-deleting test on July 8, 2021. Eternal Tribulation” officially landed on the EPIC store. On June 23, 2022, “Eternal Tribulation” officially landed on the Xbox console, and joined XGP for the first time.

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