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Native ATX 3.0: Haiyun’s flagship titanium PRIME PX1600W power supply is on the shelves, 3399 yuan



IT House reported on May 2 that Haiyun previously released the PRIME flagship power supply compatible with ATX3.0. The first three products are PRIME PX1600 ATX3.0, PRIME TX1300 ATX3.0 and PRIME TX1600 ATX3.0.

Haiyun recently launched a new version of native ATX 3.0, in which the new version of Haiyun PRIME PX1600W power supply provides a native dual 12VHPWR interface, and the input interface of the Bank of China has been replaced with a 10A socket, supporting PCIe5.0 and RTX 4090 graphics cards. Currently, Jingdong Mall Shown as 3399 yuan, both with a 12-year warranty.

The official said that the new supreme flagship titanium ATX3.0 version, higher than the intel standard > 200% instantaneous peak power, has 80PLUS titanium efficiency certification, provides two native 12VHPWR16-pin interfaces, using C14AC interface, even household 10A socket It can also be fired at full power.

It also adopts high-standard CHROMAMES process and materials, has all Japanese capacitors, a full set of embossed wires, 16AWG wire diameter, high-current-resistant alloy copper terminals, supports intelligent start and stop, can carry 600W current, and meets high temperature resistance of 50 degrees. The power supply is standard, and it can also be used at a high altitude of 5000 meters.

According to the evaluation results, the new PX-1600 and TX-1600 power supplies are equipped with dual 12+4PIN interfaces, and the length and specifications of the wires have reached 750MM-16AWG; the conversion rate has improved compared with the non-ATX3.0 version, and the ripple Control did not improve significantly.

At present, JD official store has only seen this new ATX 3.0 power supply, and it is expected that other power supply products will be put on the shelves in the future. Interested users can check the details through the link below IT Home.

JingdongNew ATX3.0 Sea Rhyme SEASONIC Supreme Flagship Platinum PRIME PX1600W Power Supply 3399 yuandirect link

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