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NASA Smart Mars Helicopter Sets Flight Altitude Record: 14 Meters – small tech news



IT House News on December 7th, NASA’s Smart Mars Helicopter is still flying on Mars, and on its 35th flight on Saturday, it set a flight altitude record.

NASA’s JPL said in a tweet on Tuesday that the intrepid helicopter had set an “all-time flight record,” reaching an altitude of 46 feet (14 meters) on dusty Mars.

Although 14 meters does not sound high,But remember this is flying in the thin atmosphere of Mars. The helicopter’s previous record high was 39 feet (12 meters), which it had achieved on several previous flights.

IT Home learned that the 35th flight of Wisdom lasted 52 seconds, and the flight distance reached 15 meters. The purpose of this flight was to reposition the helicopter. Ingenuity needs to stay in touch with its companion Perseverance rover, which acts as a communications conduit between Ingenuity and its team on Earth. Some of Ingenuity’s flights are to keep up with the rover, some to scout the terrain, and some to test hardware or software.

A recent software update made Ingenuity ready to handle more challenging terrain and continue to serve as the rover’s scout.

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