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Mingfan UM790 Pro mini host starts pre-sale: R9 7940HS barebones 3199 yuan



IT House reported on May 26 that Mingfan recently released the UM790 Pro mini console, which is now available for pre-sale on The initial price is 3199 yuan, and it will go on sale on June 18.

IT Home sorts out the introduction information of Mingfan UM790 Pro/ as follows:

Mingfan UM790 Pro adopts an all-metal body, and its volume is only 1/40 of a standard desktop. At the same time, UM790 Pro has rich interfaces, including 4 USB A interfaces, 2 HDMI interfaces, 1 RJ45 network cable interface, and 2 full-speed USB4 interfaces that support PD power supply, and support PD one-line connection.

The latest AMD Ryzen 9 7940HS processor uses a 4nm process, Zen4 CPU architecture, RDNA3 GPU architecture, 16MB L3 cache, 8 cores and 16 threads, 5.2GHz acceleration frequency, and Radeon 780M 12-unit core display.

Mingfan UM790 Pro adopts the brand-new Cold Wave cooling system 2.0, which adds an active radiator for memory and hard disk on the basis of continuing the liquid metal cooling of the processor, so that the performance of the machine can be released more powerfully. In the actual test of the game, “PUBG Mobile” can reach 108FPS, “League of Legends” can reach 180FPS, and the latest “Honkai: Interstellar Railway” can also run stably at full 60FPS without dropping frames. In addition, UM790 Pro / UM780 Pro also uses the killer series wireless network card.

Mingfan UM790 Pro supports dual-channel DDR5 5600Mhz high-frequency memory, dual PCIe4.0 x4 solid-state drives and dual 40G full-speed USB4 interfaces, and supports the formation of RAID0 and RAID1 disk arrays.

JingdongMINISFORUM UM790 PRO(R9 7940HS) Barebone / RAMless HDD System 3199 yuandirect link

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