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Midea’s front-loading washing machine V11F will go on sale on May 10, starting at 1,499 yuan



IT House reported on May 8 that Midea launched a new front-load washing machine V11F, which will go on sale at 0:00 on May 10, with a starting price of 1,499 yuan.

This washing machine is based on white and is equipped with a pasteurized washing program. The 40°C pre-wash activates the enzyme activity of the detergent to quickly clean and remove stubborn stains; the 60°C main wash penetrates into the fibers of the clothes and initially kills bacteria , The sterilization rate of Escherichia coli is greater than 99.99%, and the sterilization rate of Staphylococcus aureus is greater than 99.99%.

This washing machine uses 95°C high-temperature and high-speed water flow to deeply clean the residual dirt on the inner cylinder wall at 360°. With the ACP antibacterial door seal, the antibacterial rate is greater than 99.9%.

This washing machine is equipped with a BLDC variable frequency motor, which can precisely control the speed and stop ratio of the inner drum, and the washing/spinning noise is: 52/70dB(A). With a washing capacity of 10kg, it supports child lock, adding clothes midway, and scheduled washing.

IT Home attached product parameters:

JingdongMidea (Midea) drum washing machine fully automatic V11F1499 direct link

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