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Microsoft’s counterattack: Subpoena Sony to disclose information about PlayStation game release/development



According to news from IT House on January 24, according to foreign technology media VGC,Microsoft has recently issued a subpoena to Sony Interactive Entertainment, requiring Sony to disclose information about game release schedules or PlayStation game development.Microsoft’s move is a counterattack against Sony in the Activision Blizzard acquisition case.

IT Home learned that Microsoft issued a subpoena on January 17, and Sony should respond within three days, that is, before January 20. These response operations include restrictions, cancellations, and other operations. However, Sony has applied for an extension until January 27 to respond.

“SIE and Microsoft are in ongoing negotiations regarding the scope of SIE’s production and release schedule,” the document reads. “SIE requests an extension of the deadline for SIE to take action to limit or revoke or otherwise respond to the subpoena so that SIE and Microsoft can continue to negotiating so as to eliminate or narrow down any issues that need to be referred to the courts”.

In early December, the FTC asked a judge to block the deal on the grounds that it would give Microsoft’s home video game console, Xbox, exclusive rights to Activision games, sidelining Nintendo and Sony Group’s PlayStation.

FTC attorney James Weingarten said in a brief pre-trial telephone hearing that the parties are not currently engaged in “substantial” settlement talks.

Microsoft believes the deal will benefit both gamers and game companies, and has offered to sign a legally binding consent decree with the Federal Trade Commission to supply Call of Duty games to competitors, including Sony, for a period of 10 years.

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