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Microsoft’s Bing Chat Weekly Report: Android introduces widgets, SwiftKey input method can write messages – Programmer Sought



News from IT House on May 27, Microsoft Bing official blog released an update today, summarizing the past week,Key functions and features integrated into Bing Chat.

At the Build 2023 developer conference, Microsoft announced the introduction of Bing into OpenAI’s ChatGPT, providing it with a world-class search engine that provides more timely and updated answers through web access.

OpenAI has rolled out this new experience to ChatGPT Plus subscribers, and it will be available to free users soon by enabling the Bing plugin.

Microsoft also announced Windows Copilot, integrating Bing Chat into win11 system.

IT Home hereby attaches the new functions and features of Bing Chat as follows:

Android version introduces Bing chat widget

Microsoft has launched a new Bing Chat widget that users can add toandroidHome screen. After the user installs, selecting the Bing icon will jump directly to the chat.

Compose a message using SwiftKey Input

It works in a similar way to the Compose function in the sidebar of the Edge browser. After users select parameters such as subject, message tone, format and length, text can be automatically generated.

If you need to solve a problem, SwiftKey input method can help you write a message quickly.

The SwiftKey input method introduces new tones:

Microsoft has introduced two new tones, witty and fun, to the SwiftKey input method.

SwiftKey on iOS supports translation:

Microsoft has released an AI-powered SwiftKey keyboard translator that supports all Bing chat languages. Translator is already in android Published on , available on iOS this week.

Sports Grounding:

Users can provide better answers when asking about sports topics such as games, schedules, statistics and rankings in various sports.

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