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Microsoft Windows Terminal 1.17 preview release, supports Mica mica effect, drop-down menu customization



News from IT House on January 25, Microsoft Windows 11 The default terminal Windows Terminal ushered in today 1.17 Preview updatebringing improvements such as Mica mica effects, drop-down menu customization, and more.

drop down menu customization

In the 1.17 preview,Windows Terminal supports drop-down menu customizationincluding support for adding folders, adding separators, and adding configuration files. Users can modify the settings.json file according to their preferences to arrange different drop-down menus.

restart process

After the process terminates, the user can press Ctrl+D to close the window,or press Enter to restart the process.

Mica mica effect

The preview version of Windows Terminal already supports the use of Mica mica as a background effect on Windows 11. Mica is an opaque dynamic material that is less expensive than acrylic.

IT home friends can set the theme throughSet useMica to trueyou can also directly enable the Mica mica effect in the settings.json file.

Start positional arguments

Users can now configure where the Windows Terminal window starts in the Startup section of the Settings UI.

Color scheme page update

The color scheme page of Windows Terminal has been improved again, providing a more intuitive user flow. In the latest preview, after users click on a color scheme in the list view and add a new scheme, they will immediately be taken to the edit scheme page. The “Delete” and “Set as Default” buttons have also been moved to the edit scheme page.

▲ New color scheme page

▲ Old color scheme page

Additionally, when modifying a color scheme in a configuration file, users can see a preview of the color scheme before selecting it.

Full log for Windows Terminal Preview 1.17:Click here to view

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