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Microsoft Win11 File Explorer’s new design exposure: UI ushered in an overhaul, integrating Microsoft 365



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News from IT House on January 25, Microsoft in Windows 11 A brand-new tabbed file explorer has been launched in , which has made major improvements to the design of this basic application of the system.

According to the latest news from Windows Central,Microsoft is working on more UI optimizations for Windows 11’s File Explorercan even be said to be a major change.

According to reports, Microsoft is currently making a major update to the File Explorer on Windows 11, which will update several core areas with a modern design and new features.This allows for a better integration of the OneDrive and Microsoft 365 experiences.

▲ The current main folder UI

▲ The new design of the main folder, the source of the picture is Windows Central

As can be seen from the internal UI design diagram that broke the news,The title bar of File Explorer has been improved, which includes a modern file directory box, a modern search box, and a new Home button. The current title bar buttons, such as New, Copy, and Paste, will be moved to the file/folder view below the title bar.

also,The left navigation section also uses a more modern design. The details pane has also been significantly updated to align with the rest of the File Explorer UI and integrate with Microsoft 365.

▲ Current details pane

▲ The new design of the detailed information pane, the source of the picture is Windows Central

According to reports, Microsoft has also added a new “Gallery” area to File Explorer, which can provide a richer photo viewing experience.Users can hover over the image to see a larger preview. Microsoft is also experimenting with adding “tags” to File Explorer, allowing users to organize and categorize specific files using keywords and colors, similar to what Apple offers in its Finder app for macOS.

Windows Central says Microsoft is aiming to before the end of 2023Providing users with most of the design of the new file explorer means that improvements may appear in the upcoming Moment update released in the summer, or as part of the 23H2 version this fall. Do you guys like this new design?

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