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Microsoft Win11 Dev Preview Build 25284 released: experience third-party widgets (with updated content)



News from IT House on January 26, Microsoft released a new version for the Dev channel today. Windows 11 Preview Build 25284.

In this update, due to a known issue causing the device to be stuck on the OS startup logo Logo,So this version will not work on Arm64 devices. Microsoft is offering Insiders a trial of new widgets in the Dev channel, and this release includes a set of fixes.

new content

new widget

With the release of Windows App SDK 1.2, developers can now create widgets for their applications. Users can access these experiences on the Windows 11 Widgets panel in the current Dev preview build.

Ready to try out new widgets? For example, the Messenger app now has a preview of its widgets. To try it out, go to the Microsoft Store and update to the latest version of Messenger. Then open the widgets panel and navigate to the widget selector to pin the widget by clicking the “+” button in the upper right corner of the panel.

When trying out this widget, please submit content via the Widget Feedback link in the Widget Chooser. As more developers create and publish widgets for their applications, users will see more of the new widgets.




These fixes are only available to Windows Insiders, who received a different approach to how searches look on the taskbar, starting rolling out to Insiders of Build 25252:




  • Fixed an issue that caused some apps to hang or crash when saving files as PDFs in recent builds.

  • Fixed an issue where using the connect option in the app might unexpectedly not show any devices in the latest version.

IT Home understands: Some fixes mentioned here in the preview version of the Dev channel may enter the service update of the released version of Windows 11.

known issues


  • [新] Some Beta users may experience issues accessing websites and other resources over a VPN connection.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Some Arm64 devices may not resume from sleep/hibernation when running Build 25281, hang at the OS boot logo. To work around this error, use the Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) to roll back the device to a previous version. Instructions can be found here:ms/WinRERollback.

  • Signing in with facial recognition using Windows Hello may not work on Arm64 PCs. The workaround is to use the Hello PIN route.

  • Some users are experiencing longer than expected update times when installing the latest version. Microsoft is actively investigating this issue.

  • Microsoft is investigating reports of some internal beta users experiencing freezes when using the browser and certain other applications after installing the last Dev build.


  • [新] Third-party widgets may sometimes disappear from the widgets panel. They can be re-added by clicking refresh or by re-pinning them from the widget picker.

  • [新] Third-party widgets may sometimes become unpinned when a Microsoft account is used to sign in to multiple Windows 11 devices.

  • [新] Widget pinning/unpinning The undo button on toast notifications sometimes doesn’t work.



The following known issues apply only to Windows Insiders who have embraced a different approach to how Search looks on the taskbar, starting to roll out to Insiders using Build 25252:


  • Certain dialogs may not render with the correct theme when applied from the Task Manager settings page.

  • When applying theme changes in the Task Manager Settings page, the data content area of ​​the Processes page may flicker once.

[Windows Spotlight]

The following known issues apply only to Windows Insiders who received one of the different treatments for Windows Spotlight that started rolling out to Build 25281 users:

  • [新] Clicking on the secondary display does not cancel the full screen experience.

  • [新] Spotlight wallpapers displayed at incorrect resolutions on multi/mixed resolution monitors.

  • [新] In some cases, users were not getting a consistent refresh every day.

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