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Microsoft Win11 Canary preview version 25375 released: Arm64 version supports Endpoint DLP



IT Home News on May 26, Microsoft Blog announced today that it will be released to the Canary channel Windows 11 Preview Build 25375.

Reminder: Since releases to the Canary channel are “fresh out of the oven”, Microsoft will provide limited documentation (eg, no known issues) for Canary channel releases, but will not publish blog posts for each release – only if the release is When new features become available. Like previous Canary channel releases, this release has some new features and documentation changes.

New Features in Build 25375

Support for Microsoft Endpoint DLP on Windows on Arm (Arm64) Edition

You can now extend Microsoft Endpoint endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) policies and actions to Endpoints running Windows on Arm (Arm64),This allows you to detect and protect sensitive data in file parts of the digital ecosystem, enabling the introduction of policy controls for scenarios such assuch as when an information worker accesses a sensitive file using a Windows endpoint powered by an Arm chip and attempts to perform an export operation such as copy to USB or copy to clipboard, notepad, etc.

As part of DLP policy definition, you can take advantage of the conditions and actions currently available, and no other settings are involved.

Make sure your ARM64 endpoints load Microsoft Endpoint DLP using any of the onboarding methods supported by Microsoft.

IT Home Note: What is a Canary channel

Canary channels are channels for previewing platform changes that take longer to prepare before being released to customers, some examples of this include breaking changes to the Windows kernel, new APIs, etc. Versions released by Microsoft to the Canary channel should not be considered to match any specific version of Windows, and some changes attempted in the Canary channel may never be released, and others may appear in future Windows versions when they are ready.

The builds that will be sent to the Canary Channel are “hot presses” that fly shortly after they’re built, meaning little validation and documentation will be done before they’re made available to Insiders. , but we don’t publish blog posts for every flight – only when there are new features in the build.

Microsoft says Canary builds may contain critical issues that may prevent proper use of your PC and even require you to reinstall Windows in rare cases. Microsoft will provide limited documentation for the Canary channel, the Canary channel will not receive daily builds, but Microsoft may release releases more frequently in the future, the desktop watermark that users see in the lower right corner of the desktop is normal for these pre-release builds of.

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