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Microsoft Win11/10 MSIX packaging tool now supports packaging “green version” software, no need to share compressed packages



News from IT House on February 9th, Microsoft today released the version of its MSIX Packaging Tool 1.2023.118.0 updateAdded support for packaging portable Windows applications.

MSIX Packaging Tool enables users and IT administrators toRepackage Windows apps to MSIX formatwhich is convenient for users to share, the MSIX package is available at Windows 11 and Windows 10 installed in the system. The software provides an interactive user interface and a command line for conversion.

The Portable Windows App itself carries all the dlls needed to run the software,For example, the “green version” software we often see, you can directly share the application folder to other PCs to run. After being packaged in MSIX format, the portable application will only have one file, which is more convenient and quicker. You can try to abandon the previous compressed package form.

Additionally, the MSIX Packaging Tool addsExclude features that depend on Windows services from MSIX packageswhich is convenient for users to deal with different packaging scenarios.

MSIX Packaging Tool version 120231180 update Service Exclusions

The main update content of version 1.2023.118.0:

  • Portable apps can now be packaged as MSIX packages

  • Added the ability to edit files inside a package using the package editor

  • Apply trace fixes to packages from the package editor

  • Added the ability to exclude dependent Windows services from MSIX packages

  • MSIX Packaging Tool now monitors child processes during app installation

MSIX Packaging Tool:click to download

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