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Microsoft updates WinGet 1.4 package manager, adds support for .zip packages



News from IT House on January 24,microsoft update today Windows Package Manager(WinGet), added support for .zip packages.In the latest 1.4 version, it is supported to extract and run the installer from a Zip archive, or to install one or more portable packages from a zip archive.

The WinGet open source community is also pushing other new features, and if you use multiple package managers, the upcoming command alias feature will help your memory. There will also be a new “wait” parameter to keep winget.exe open for calls from other applications.

IT Home Small Classroom: Windows Package Manager is Microsoft’s win10 A free and open source software package manager developed. It consists of a command-line utility and a set of services that install applications. Independent software vendors can use it as a distribution channel for software packages.

Users can Windows 10 and Windows 11 Use the winget command-line tool on your computer to discover, install, upgrade, remove, and configure applications. This tool is a client interface to the Windows Package Manager service.

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