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Microsoft updates Win11 Snipping Tool screenshot tool to support pausing screen recording



Not long ago, Microsoft launched a new Snipping Tool application with a built-in screen recording function. While it’s great to see Microsoft finally offering a native screen recorder in its operating system, users have found that the app lacks many basic features like pausing a recording, changing the frame rate, and more. Thankfully, Microsoft has updated the app with some much-needed features.

IT Home learned that,Currently the latest Snipping Tool 11.2212.24.0 already supports pausing screen recordingalso has a simplified mode switcher.

The updated snipping tool with the new pause feature

The updated Snipping Tool App in Windows 11

Sadly, the app still doesn’t allow changing the frame rate, which is capped at 30fps, and there’s no way to reposition the recording area while paused.

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