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Microsoft Project Kodiak exposure, will improve the Edge browser experience on Windows, Mac and Linux



IT House reported on December 6 that Microsoft has released the latest stable channel version 108.0.1462.42 of Edge. The new version brings enhanced privacy thanks to TLS encrypted Client Hello or ECH. Other than that, it brings useful features related to the app launcher, as well as security fixes for several known vulnerabilities.

Meanwhile, on the Edge Canary channel, the latest build is 110.0.1544.0, and as is often the case, these beta channels reveal exciting upcoming features. Twitter user Leopeva64 discovered a new flag in Edge Canary 110.0.1544.0, dubbed “Project Kodiak,” which is set to be enabled by default.

“Project Kodiak

Edge users will have a better browser experience in their personal and work lives – Mac, Windows, Linux”

Below is a screenshot of the flag.

IT Home understands that it is difficult to guess the specific content of the project at present. On the surface,Microsoft is working hard to improve the overall browsing experience in Edge, whether it’s on Windows, Mac or Linux, though which aspects of the browser are improving remains to be seen. For example, there might be a UI revamp for easier navigation, or there might be performance improvements.

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