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Microsoft is improving graphics and audio driver quality for Windows 10/Win11



According to news from IT House on January 24, Microsoft executive vice president and chief product officer Panos Panay (Panos Panay) made a promise at the Computerx conference held in May last year to maintain Windows 11 High quality is the company’s top priority.Although Pane did not clarify the specific details at the time, it is foreseeable that Microsoft is improving win11 System reliability.

Garrett Duchesne, principal program manager at Microsoft, recently published a tech community blog post,An overview of the company’s latest improvements in audio and display driver evaluation.

New driver evaluation scheme will reload events in the Software Digital Rights Management (SWDRM) catalog, which helps drive timeouts encountered when playing software DRM content in Netflix and other streaming applications and other related issues.

IT Home understands that in this blog post, Microsoft explained:

Devices receiving Code Integrity category reload events may receive timeouts from other applications such as Netflix while mfpmp.exe is loading the installer. This “device based” (device-based) approach is used to detect this situation.

When playing videos on Windows devices, DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology (software or hardware) is used. We use the set of all devices with SWDRM playback capability as our sample location to calculate the percentage.

Beyond that, the company also wanted to better address Audio Processing Objects, or APO (software-based digital signal processing) crashes, as the current approach often causes audio crash measures to fail for a period of time when drivers are submitted. This is explained in the document titled “Percentage of computers with at least one APO disabled in the last 7 days”.

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