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Microsoft executives admit that Bing Image Creator’s initial restrictions are too strict, and will be gradually relaxed based on user feedback



IT Home March 23 news, Microsoft announced yesterday that the GPT-4-based Bing Chat (Bing Chat) now integrates the Bing Image Creator function. This function is based on DALL-E, another deep learning model of OpenAI, which can automatically generate images based on text content entered by users.

Netizen Shane Parr said in a tweet that the Bing Image Creator function has many limitations and cannot create image content about the “Bing” keyword.

In this regard, Mikhail Parakhin, director of advertising and network services at Microsoft, admitted that “the content warning setting is too strict, and many keywords are excessively blocked.”

IT Home translation Parakhin’s follow-up tweet reads as follows: “Friends, Bing Image Creator’s restrictions on sensitive queries are too strict. This is an inevitable stage in the release process. We will continue to collect user feedback and gradually solve these problems .Maybe tomorrow you will be able to use these keywords to create images in Bing Chat.”

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