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Microsoft Edge browser Dev 111.0.1633.0 released: Android version long press the new tab page to enter the wallpaper center



IT House news on January 26, Microsoft released the Edge browser Dev version 111.0.1633.0, which contains android A new feature and various improvements and fixes on .if your androidEdge Dev is installed on the phone, and now you can long press the new tab page to enter the wallpaper center.

Microsoft Edge Dev 111.0.1633.0 update content

new function


reliability improvement

  • Fixed a browser crash related to the search sidebar.

  • Fixed a browser crash related to searching in the mini menu.

  • Fixed Legacy when trying to use the camera Windows 10 The browser crash problem.

  • Fixed browser crash when moving tabs to separate windows.

  • Fixed a browser crash when dragging a tab out of a tab group.



other changes

  • Fixed links from PWAs so they don’t open in Workspace.

  • Fixed an issue where the current page could not be added to the sidebar in some scenarios.

  • Fixed duplicate MSA login issue.

  • Fixed an issue where printing could not be done on printers whose names contained Japanese character strings.

  • Fixed an issue where Quit Application in the Discovery and Search sidebar context menus did not work.



  • Fixed PDF scaling issues.

  • Fixed duplicate quick links.

  • Fixed recovery prompt that appeared when there was no crash.

  • Fixed multi-page PDFs displaying different pages of the PDF when switching from portrait to landscape and vice versa.




  • Disabled preconnect search to stop SSL connection when opening about:blank page.

  • Fixed an issue where the open file dialog would not open.

  • Fixed reinstallation failing when WebView2 was running.


Microsoft Edge Dev supports running on Windows, macOS and Linux, Android. The iOS platform requires an invitation to test Edge Dev, and the plan is currently full.

According to the official release schedule, Microsoft plans to release the Edge 110 Beta version in the week of February 14, 2023, and the official stable version of Edge 111 in the week of March 9, 2023.

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