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Microsoft Edge 110 browser tests new features: display two tabs side by side in one window_China IT News



News from IT House on January 24, Microsoft Edge browser is testing a new productivity feature, currently testers in the Beta, Dev and Canary channels can enable the “Microsoft Edge split screen” flag,Display two tabs side by side in one browser window.

While it’s always possible to open several Edge windows to view multiple tabs at the same time, the new split-screen feature makes it easier to use, eliminating the need to drag tabs and windows, resizing split tabs, and opening links side-by-side.

IT Home understands that this is not the first time Microsoft has allowed two pages to be opened in one window, and the recently launched Edge sidebar allows users to add and pin websites for quick access.

How to enable Microsoft Edge split screen:

  • Install Microsoft Edge Beta, Dev, or Canary.

  • Go to edge://flags/#edge-split-screen and set the flag to enabled.

  • Restart the browser.

  • Open any webpage, click the split screen button on the toolbar. The browser will open a new tab next to the current page.

  • Alternatively, right-click on any link and select Open Link in Split-Screen Window.

  • Split screen can be exited by clicking the X button (this will close the page) or by pressing the “…” button and choosing to view the split screen page in two tabs.

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