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Microsoft Edge 109 users report that this update causes Application Guard to crash



According to news from IT House on January 24, according to foreign media borncity reports,Some users have reported that after upgrading to the Edge 109 update, Microsoft’s Application Guard (Application Guard) function will crash.

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For Microsoft Edge, Application Guard helps protect the company as employees browse the Internet by isolating corporate-defined untrusted sites.

As an enterprise administrator, you need to define which are trusted websites, cloud resources, and internal networks. Everything on your list is considered untrusted.

If an employee visits an untrusted site through Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge opens the site in a separate Hyper-V-enabled container.

On the Reddit community, in a “Microsoft Defender Application Guard 22H2 Bug“In the post, users reported that Application Guard would crash when trying to open a website in the Edge browser.

Another German user reported to the media that the Edge 108 version is normal, but after upgrading to the Edge 109.0.1519.55 version, it will cause Application Guard to crash. He has tested 52 times in a row, and it will crash every time.

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