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Micron’s new 30.72TB SSD could trigger huge price drop amongst big QLC SSDs



Micron unveiled the first 200+ layer NAND data center NVMe SSD, the 6500 Ion as it looks to strengthen its presence in the booming hyperscale storage market. It says that the new SSD is better value than similarly priced QLC (quad-layer cell) competitors (like the Solidigm D5-P5316) because it uses TLC (triple-layer cell) that’s as price competitive with QLC but also offer better performance.

An early review by Tweaktown’s Jon Coulter (opens in new tab) showed that the drive delivered what it had promised: TLC for the price of QLC and that’s important. The D5-P5316 is the cheapest of the large capacity SSDs on the market and, like the 6500 ion is available in U3 and E1.L form factors. 

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