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Meta will update Messenger: open end-to-end features to more users_China IT News



IT House news on January 24, Meta recently announced that it will update Messenger,The end-to-end feature introduction of the app includes chat themes, custom chat Emoji and Reactions, group profile photos, link previews, Active Status and android Bubbles and many other new features.

In addition to the above new features, Meta said it will open end-to-end encryption to more users. Meta said that the end-to-end function will not be fully enabled at this stage, and more tests are needed to fix various BUGs. Meta says it will open end-to-end encryption to millions of users around the world in the coming months.

Main new features of Messenger attached to IT Home

Chat topic:

Meta adds chat themes to help personalize and enhance conversations in end-to-end encrypted chat.

Customize chat Emoji and React:

You can view the full menu of Emoji and Reactions, and customize the quick Reactions panel in end-to-end encrypted chat.

Group Avatar:

Choose different avatars for groups of friends or colleagues

Link preview:

Link previews have been rebuilt for end-to-end encrypted chat so you can see where a link will take you before you click it.

Active Status:

Let people see when you’re active so they know when it’s time to call. You can also choose to turn off this feature if you want to improve your privacy.

Bubbles on Android:

Bubbles (circles with pictures of friends) let you read and reply to messages while using other apps. When enabled, a speech bubble will appear when you receive a new message.

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