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Meta Pledges Not to Use Competitors’ Ad Data for Facebook Marketplace TechCrunch



News from IT House on May 27th, the British Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) released a report today, indicating that Meta Company has promised it thatDoes not use advertising data obtained from competitors to improve Facebook Marketplace.

The CMA launched an investigation in June 2021, accusing Meta’s Facebook Marketplace service of unfair competition.

The CMA argued that Meta’s bundling of the Facebook Marketplace service with Facebook, the main social network, gave it a “substantial distribution advantage” over competitors.

Facebook has billions of monthly active users and millions of active advertising owners around the world. CMA believes that whether Facebook users are willing or not, they will automatically access Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is a place to discover and buy things, but posting something for sale is not the same as creating a paid ad to show people shopping on Marketplace. By creating a Marketplace ad, you can promote your business to more users on the shopping platform.

Note from IT House: However, this promise will not be fulfilled immediately.Meta Corporation committed to take effect within 12 months, or June 30, 2024, whichever is later.

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