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Meizu released lifeme 140W GaN charger: supports PD 3.1 protocol, priced at 369 yuan



IT House August 18 news, today, Meizu Technology held a press conference, officially released the lifeme 140W gallium nitride charger, lifeme wireless magnetic charger, lifeme 5A digital display USB-A fast charging cable and lifeme wireless magnetic The charging treasures are priced at 369 yuan, 99 yuan, 49 yuan and 129 yuan respectively.

IT House learned that Meizu lifeme 140W GaN charger supports PD 3.1 protocol, is compatible with QC and PPS protocols, adopts GaN technology, and adopts 1A2C interface. In addition, the official will also send a PD 3.1 charging cable, which supports a maximum charging power of 240W and a data transfer speed of 480MB/s.

The maximum charging power of the lifeme wireless magnetic charger is 15W. Officially, it supports Apple and Android multi-protocols. The body adopts a 5.5 mm ultra-thin design.

Meizu lifeme 5A digital display USB-A fast charging cable adopts high-density braided wire design, supports 5A high current, and is equipped with an LED display. The price is 49 yuan.

Meizu also launched the lifeme wireless magnetic power bank, using N52 super magnet, the magnetic force is up to 4000 gauss, the capacity is 5000 mAh, the maximum output power is 22.5W, and the price is 129 yuan.

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