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MediaTek unveils Pentonic 700 chip for 4K 120Hz smart TVs



IT House August 18 news, last year, MediaTek released the world’s first 7nm TV chip Pentonic 2000, which is the world’s first smart TV SoC using TSMC’s 7nm advanced process, supporting up to 8K 120Hz ultra-clear display.

Now, MediaTek has launched the Pentonic 700 chip for 4K 120Hz smart TVs.

Officially, the Pentonic 700 chip is suitable for 4K 120Hz TVs. With AI-driven image quality enhancement, Dolby Vision IQ precise detail support, integrated 4K120 MEMC, and game optimization, the Pentonic 700 will enhance consumers’ viewing experience in all aspects.

The Pentonic 700’s integrated AI Processing Unit (APU) supports MediaTek’s AI-Super Resolution, AI-Picture Quality (AI-PQ) scene recognition and AI-PQ object recognition technologies for advanced edge smoothing and detail reconstruction.carry Smart TVs from Pentonic 700 can display content from different sources on the TV screenand enhanced support for PBP and PIP picture-in-picture display with PQ, allowing users to watch sports and video chat with friends and family at the same time.

Additionally, the Pentonic 700, although designed for 120Hz smart TVs, alsoSupports variable refresh rates up to 144Hzsupports HEVC, AV1 and AVS3 standards, as well as the latest VVC (H.266) standard, meeting the latest requirements of broadcasters and streaming providers.

IT Home understands that,Smart TVs with Pentonic 700 expected to be released in Q4 2022.

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