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MediaTek responds to rumors of an alliance with Nvidia to jointly attack Arm architecture chips: don’t over-speculate_China IT News



IT House news on May 27th, it was previously reported that MediaTek and Nvidia will announce a new alliance strategy next Monday (29th) to jointly develop single-chips for personal computers and notebooks based on the Arm architecture. In this regard, MediaTek issued an announcement today stating,The outside world should not speculate too much, the specific cooperation plan will be announced next week.

MediaTek plans to hold a 2023 “flagship technology leading the future” press conference on Monday afternoon, attended by MediaTek CEO Cai Lixing and heavyweight guests.This guest should be Nvidia CEO Huang Renxun who has recently attracted global attention and has become a promoter of AI innovation. Earlier it was speculated that Nvidia and MediaTek would jointly announce their cooperation in Arm PC-related chips, but MediaTek issued an announcement stating that,This rumor is purely outside speculation, MediaTek does not make any comment.

The outside world believes that according to the content of MediaTek’s event invitation, it will showcase the company’s advanced technology applications in the fields of smart life, mobile communications, and automotive electronics, and continue to move towards cross-field and cross-platform product portfolios. IT Home will then Bring relevant reports as soon as possible.

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