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Mavericks electric bicycle MQi L is on sale: supports Apple ecology, battery life of 90km, starting at 4999 yuan



IT House reported on May 21 that the Mavericks electric bicycle MQi L is officially on sale. The urban version is priced at 4,999 yuan, and the power version is priced at 5,799 yuan.

Mavericks MQi L adopts Q235 double-crown frame, equipped with front hydraulic damping type shock absorption, rear sleeve oil damping type shock absorption,Adopt front and rear disc brakes; support Apple ecologyhas a variety of functions, such as car-machine smart interconnection, shortcut command car, voice car, family account, NFC unlocking, anti-theft, and also supports speed limit, acceleration, shock absorption and energy recovery.

Mavericks MQi L adopts brand-new Ruidian technology, urban version battery life 80kmpower version battery life 90kmbattery support IPX7 Level anti-immersion; mobile phone App can customize the power, adjust the maximum speed of the car, kinetic energy recovery can also be customized; body width 700mmpedal size 390×350mmcushion length 348mm; Equipped with brand new angel headlights, luminous intensity 28000cd; Standard high-strength double-tube frame, maximum load 140kg.

IT Home has basic parameters:

JingdongMavericks Electric MQiL Electric Bike 4999 yuandirect link

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