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Manually written codes account for only 2%-5%, and the App “5 Movies”, which is almost entirely generated by ChatGPT, is on the App Store



News from IT House on March 25th, developer Morten Just recently used the GPT-4 large-scale language model to let him use SwiftUI to create a iphone application. The app has now been reviewed by Apple.It officially launched on the App Store this Thursday, officially called “5 Movies”.

App Store access address:

Developer Morten Just said that the entire App development process is basically through chat, asking ChatGPT to generate relevant codes. The proportion of manually written code in the whole process is between 2% and 5%.

After the 5 Movies app was launched, Just accepted an interview with the foreign technology media Cult of Mac. IT Home translated his answer as follows: “It is important to me to create useful software that can solve practical problems. If I You can do it faster with artificial intelligence, so why not do it?”

The main function of the app is to recommend 5 new movies, new trailers, and where to watch the movie every day to the user.

The developer sent the command to GPT-4 “Hey, GPT-4, make me an iPhone app that recommends 5 new movies a day, trailers, and puts a link to watch that movie” and then manually fixed a few places BUG, GPT-4 produced apps that did exactly what the developers wanted.

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