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Made in China!West Africa’s first electrified light rail opens in Nigeria – Xinhua



News from IT House on January 25, according to China Civil Engineering News, on January 24 local time, the first electrified light rail in West Africa, the first phase of the Lagos Light Rail Blue Line in Nigeria, which was constructed by China Civil Engineering, held a grand opening ceremony.It marks the landing of West Africa’s first electrified light rail in Africa’s most populous citybecoming another representative livelihood project on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the “Belt and Road” initiative.

▲ Blue Line light rail enters Marina Station, picture source China Civil Engineering

“Thank you for your excellent partner China Civil Engineering.” Lagos Governor Sanvooglu said in his speech that the Lagos Light Rail Blue Line is the product of the great vision of the Lagos State and will help Lagos become a modern and prosperous city. , Competitive big cities. The Lagos Light Rail Blue Line is Africa’s first cross-sea railway system. It will be equipped with an independent power supply system to promote green and low-carbon development. Marina Station, where the opening ceremony is held, will become the largest and busiest station in Africa,The maximum passenger transport capacity can reach 25,000 per hour.

Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria Cui Jianchun said in his speech,Lagos Light Rail Blue Line reduces average commute time from 1 hour to 20 minutes, will significantly change the way Lagosians travel. This light rail will help the people of Lagos realize a better life, and we look forward to practical cooperation between China and Nigeria in more aspects in the next few years.

IT Home learned that,The Lagos Light Rail Blue Line in Nigeria has a total length of 27 kilometers and a total of 11 stations. The first phase of the project has a total length of 13 kilometers. After opening to traffic, it can greatly relieve the traffic pressure in Lagos State and promote economic exchanges and traffic development in Lagos State.

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