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Longsys FORESEE P709 1TB PCIe SSD Evaluation: Double Data Encryption Praise! -Solid State Drive, SSD, Longsys–Fast Technology (the media of Drivehome)–Technology changes the future



1. Preface: Industry SSD with 2 built-in encryption technologies

Speaking of Longsys, many students may not know much about it. It was founded in 1999, and many domestic and foreign companies use Longsys storage products, such as Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, ZTE, etc.

At present, Longsys has two private brands, namely FORESEE and Lexar. FORESEE is an industrial storage brand founded by Longsys in 2011, and its storage products have been successfully applied to equipment at home and abroad.

A few days ago, we received FORESEE P709 1TB SSD sent by Longsys for testing, which is also the latest SSD product from FORESEE.

FORESEE P709 1TB SSD focuses on security and reliability, and realizes fast encryption/decryption by adding two encryption technologies, TCG-OPAL 2.0 and Pyrite 2.0.

TCG-OPAL 2.0 technology processes in-device information without the need for a host computer. Pyrite 2.0 can specify user access rights to data without specifying encryption requirements, and has very strict data deletion mechanisms and data protection functions.

Longsys FORESEE P709 1TB PCIe SSD Evaluation: Double Data Encryption Praise!

Back to the product, FORESEE P709 1TB SSD uses Huirong SM2263XT master controller, which supports NVMe 1.3 interface protocol, PCIe 3.0 x4 system bus, LDPC ECC error correction and HMB buffer technology, etc.

The HMB solution cancels the DRAM cache, and instead dynamically calls the host memory as the SSD cache during the solid-state read and write process. In today’s high-capacity memory market, the SM2263XT without DRAM can save part of the BOM cost without affecting the performance of the hard disk too much.


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