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Linux incorporates a new patch: connecting a Logitech mouse such as G903 in a wired manner will automatically disable high-resolution scrolling_China IT News



News from IT House on February 9,The Linux mainline will soon incorporate a new patch that will automatically disable the High Resolution Scrolling feature after a Logitech mouse is connected to the device via USB.Logitech mice connected via bluetooth/wireless are not affected by this issue.

The patch states that enabling high-resolution scrolling may prevent the mouse from using the current kernel driver when a Logitech mouse is connected via a cable.

Part of the patch attached to IT House:

With some Logitech mice such as the G903 and G403 connected, HID events are generated on a different interface than HID++.

If we enable high resolution through the HID++ interface, the HID interface cannot handle events like regular scroll events, making the mouse unusable.

Until we implement scroll events via HID++, high-resolution scrolling on these devices is currently disabled.

This problem has existed in the Linux mainline since last September. This patch is marked as backported to the most recent stable kernel series. The patch is currently in the for-next branch of HID.

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