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Lenovo ZUI 14 Officially Released: Major Upgrades in Game Functions, Super Interconnection of Mobile Phones and Tablets



IT House August 18 news, Lenovo’s consumer ecology autumn new product launch conference,Lenovo ZUI 14 officially releasedwith the slogan “Beautiful and Smart, Efficiency Upgraded”.

ZUI 14’sAlmighty CardIt is richer and has a new brilliant and flexible design language, which has reconstructed the vision on the mobile phone and tablet side.

ZUI 14 brings a ton of gaming features:

  • Smart Probe:Detect game refresh rate for optimal performance

  • Game Smart Update:Automatically download update packages in advance when idle

  • Smart Game Assistant:Enables performance tuning and functional integration

  • A horizon:Automatic switching between full screen, split screen and floating window for a better experience

ZUI 14 brings new interactions, tablet supportglobal taskbarit can be more convenient to split the floating window, and the maximum can be opened at the same time 5 floating windowsand also directly between applicationsDrag and drop text and pictures.

ZUI 14 has also ushered in the “promotion of major manufacturers”hyperconnected”, the mobile phone and the tablet can share the network and application relay with one key, and the mobile phone can also be used as the console of the tablet to display the status data of the tablet.

The tablet and the computer can also be interconnected. The tablet can be used as a secondary screen of the computer, or the tablet’s screen can be projected to the monitor and operated in desktop mode.

ZUI 14 has also improved its imaging software, including dynamic pictures, AI shooting assistants, fast snapshots, visual call enhancements, and more.

IT Home understands that,ZUI 14 debuts on the Savior Y70 mobile phone, Xiaoxin Pad Pro 2022 tabletand will gradually adapt to other devices of the Xiaoxin, Savior, and YOGA series in the future.

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