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Lenovo YOGA notebook is the first to fully support QQ Music Dolby Atmos



IT House news on May 27th, according to Lenovo’s official news, QQ Music PC-side Dolby Atmos music service was officially launched, and YOGA became the first laptop brand to fully support QQ Music Dolby Atmos music service.

According to reports, QQ music on the PC side can be experienced immediately through the recommendation-Dolby Atmos zone, or through the music hall-category zone-Dolby Atmos zone,

According to previous reports from IT House, Tencent QQ Music Windows version 18.97.0 was released in November last year, and Dolby Atmos officially supports the computer side. In July last year, Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME) announced a strategic cooperation with Dolby Laboratories (Dolby) to launch the Dolby Atmos music function for QQ Music. music platform.

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