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Lenovo Xiaoxin Aluminum Alloy Cooling Bracket Z2 is on sale: the folding design is compatible with 16-inch notebooks, 79 yuan



IT House reported on May 22 that Lenovo’s new Xiaoxin aluminum alloy cooling bracket Z2 is officially on sale.

It can also be seen from the poster that the current official event is to evaluate the list, and the top 50 users will receive Xiaoxin cleaning kits.

Lenovo Xiaoxin Aluminum Alloy Cooling Bracket Z2 adopts a hollow design to facilitate heat dissipation.The bracket supports a total of 5 levels of adjustment, the minimum support height is 87mm, and the maximum support height is 145mm. You can choose five support angles: 19°, 22°, 26°, 29°, and 33°. With the deepened card slot, it can carry a weight of 10Kg. The load-bearing surface of the stand is compatible with tablets and laptops from 11.5 inches to 16 inches. The side in contact with the device is equipped with a silicone pad to prevent scratches on the device casing. The edge is cut by CNC. The weight of the stand is about 515g.

At present, the products have been put on the e-commerce platform for sale.The price is 79 yuaninterested IT home partners can go to check.

Jingdong【Lenovo Xiaoxin Z2】Lenovo Xiaoxin Aluminum Alloy Cooling Bracket 79 yuandirect link

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