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Lenovo Savior M5 wireless gaming mouse is on the shelves: PAW3325 sensor, dual-mode connection, the initial price is 99 yuan



According to news from IT House on May 8, Lenovo launched a new Savior M5 wireless gaming mouse with a black appearance.The initial price is 99 yuan.

Lenovo Savior M5 Wireless Gaming Mouse is equipped with PAW3325 sensorup to 8000 DPI, supports driver customization; uses wired + 2.4GHz dual-mode connection, claims to last for 80 hours; there are 7 RGB lights in a half circle at the tail, which supports customization.

The mouse is ergonomically designed for the right hand as a whole, coated with a matte skin-like coating,The weight is about 97g, and the size is 127x70x41mmwith 5 programmable keys.

Lenovo Savior M5 Wireless Gaming Mouse will open an appointment at 10:00 on May 10,The initial price is 99 yuanIT House attaches parameter table:

JingdongLenovo Legion M5 Wireless Gaming Mouse 99 yuandirect link

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