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Lenovo launches the new Blade 7000K 2023 desktop: equipped with RTX 4060 Ti, starting at 9199 yuan



IT House News on May 26th, Lenovo launched the new Blade 7000K 2023 desktop today, using the latest RTX 4060 Ti graphics card from Nvidia, equipped with a 13th-generation Core processor, starting at 9199 yuan for the first launch, and there are additional discounts on the e-commerce platform.

The parameters of the IT home finishing blade 7000K 2023 desktop are as follows:

In terms of configuration, this series of desktops is equipped with 13th-generation Core K series processors, with optional i5-13600KF and i7-13700KF. The graphics card is Lenovo’s customized RTX 4060 Ti model with 8GB of video memory. The standard memory is 16GB, and the SSD is standard 1TB.

This series of desktops uses a tower-type CPU cooler, which supports 181W performance release; the motherboard uses an 8-phase power supply, which can support 252W instantaneous CPU performance release. There are four DDR5 memory slots and two M.2 slots. The chassis has RGB lighting effects.

JingdongLenovo (Lenovo) Savior Blade 7000K 2023 Gaming PC Console (13th generation i5-13600KF RTX4060Ti graphics card ARGB side see through)9199 yuandirect link

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