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Leica Q3 leaks suggest the classic camera will get these 5 new features



The Leica Q2 still stands out as one of the most beautiful, capable, and expensive full-frame cameras you can buy, but new rumors suggest its imminent successor could meld its classic looks with some much-needed feature boosts.

The Japanese rumors site Asobinet (opens in new tab) has published what looks like the first leaked images of the Leica Q3, which it claims will launch sometime between May and June. And in a typical move for Leica, the Q3’s design appears to be virtually identical to the Q2 – from the front, at least.

The small tweaks appear to include a slightly different position for the autofocus auxiliary light, and what appears to be a thinner base plate. Otherwise, the compact full-frame camera looks near-identical from the front – and considering the Q2 is a minimalist masterpiece, that’s no bad thing at all.

This leaked image from Asobinet (opens in new tab) of what appears to the Leica Q3 shows that it could look almost identical to the Q2, from the front at least. (Image credit: Asobinet)

But this doesn’t mean the Q3’s design will be completely unchanged. Some previous speculation has suggested the Q3 could get a tilting screen or even, as suggested by Leica Rumors (opens in new tab), a “swivel display”. If that is indeed an articulating screen that can flip around to face the front of the camera, it would be a major change for the Q series (even if we have already seen Leica cameras, like the Leica V-lux, with flip screens).

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