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Leica Q3 compact full-frame camera released: upgraded 60-megapixel sensor + wireless charging, priced at 50,800 yuan



IT House News on May 25th, Leica (Leica) released the Q3 compact full-frame camera tonight.

While maintaining the classic 28mm f/1.7 lens and elegant appearance, the Leica Q3 camera has increased the sensor resolution to 60 million pixels, which is comparable to the Leica M11, and also added a new hybrid autofocus system, 8K video capture function, Optional wireless charging handle and flip-out LCD screen.

The Q3 camera uses a full-frame sensor different from the M11, with a sensitivity range of ISO 50-100000. It is equipped with a new Maestro IV processor and 8GB of buffer memory, which can quickly process RAW DNG files of about 70MB each. The Q3 camera also supports a built-in crop function, which can switch between different focal lengths such as 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm and 90mm, but it will reduce the image resolution, with a minimum of 6 million pixels.

The Q3 camera’s autofocus system uses a hybrid of phase detection and contrast detection to track the eyes, faces, and bodies of animals and humans. The Q3 camera is also Leica’s first attempt at 8K video shooting. It can record 8K video at a frame rate of 30p, but it needs to use a new battery with a larger capacity and has a certain frame cropping. If you want better color sampling, you also need an external video recorder. The Q3 camera is even better at 4K video capture, capable of 60p frame rates and recording times of up to 29 minutes.For the convenience of video shooters, the Q3 camera also adds interfaces such as Micro HDMI and USB-C 3.1, and supports compatibility with iphone direct connection.

It is worth mentioning that the Q3 camera supports the Qi wireless charging standard, and users can purchase a handle to realize wireless charging. This makes it easy to charge the camera anywhere a wireless charger is available without having to unplug the battery or cables. Of course, users can also choose to use other brands of wireless chargers, as long as the output power reaches 10W or above.

Another noteworthy feature is the addition of a flip-out LCD screen to the Q3, a first for a Leica-designed camera (not counting those developed in partnership with Panasonic). This kind of screen can facilitate users to take photos or videos from different angles, but it also sacrifices some of the original simple and elegant appearance. In order to adapt to the design of the new screen, the rear part of the Q3 camera has been rearranged, all the buttons have been moved to the right side, and a groove has been left as a thumb rest. However, since there is no opening or raised part on the left side of the screen, users may need to extend their index finger or middle finger to adjust the screen angle.

In general, the Q3 camera is a product that maintains the Leica brand characteristics and high-quality image performance while adding some practical functions and performance improvements. It is suitable for those who like to carry a full-frame card camera to record life moments or Users who create video works. While it’s not a cost-effective or full-featured camera, it has a certain Leica charm and appeal.

IT Home attaches an official picture:

Jingdong[New product]Leica Q3 high-end compact full-frame mirrorless camera 50800 yuandirect link

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