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Lei Jun posted a screenshot 18 years ago to bid farewell to “World of Warcraft”, and revealed that he was once a Wower.



News from IT House on January 24th, at 00:00 on January 24th, Blizzard’s national server officially terminated operations, and the national server servers of games including “World of Warcraft” have been unable to log in to play.

Tonight, Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, also expressed emotion on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft server on his personal Weibo: “A friend sent me a screenshot today. The screenshot we took in the Warcraft game 18 years ago is filled with emotion. Goodbye , Azeroth!”

IT Home learned that “World of Warcraft” entered the domestic market in 2005, and it has been 18 years since Lei Jun once revealed that he was also a Wower. When answering questions from netizens, he revealed that he played “World of Warcraft” for a long time “when I was a child”. Although I don’t remember the account password, I still remember my ID, which is called “Aden”, and it is still an alliance.

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