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Last year, fewer than 800,000 newborns were born, and Japan urgently needs to solve the birth rate crisis_China IT News



According to news from IT House on January 24, according to a BBC report, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida stated that Japan’s current primary goal is to restore the fertility rate. Fumio Kishida said Japan was on the verge of not functioning properly due to a falling birth rate.

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IT House learned from relevant data that the current total population of Japan is 125 million, but the number of newborns born in 2022 will not exceed 800,000. In Japan, more than 2 million newborns were born in 1970. According to World Bank statistics, Japan’s population over the age of 65 accounts for about 28%, second only to Monaco.

In his speech to the new session of Japan’s parliament, Fumio Kishida centered on the demographic decline that has plagued Japan for decades, which he said would contribute to Japan’s “inability to continue to provide social functions”. Boosting the birth rate will therefore be at the heart of government action in 2023.

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