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Lantu’s first coupe announced, internal code name H53



IT House reported on September 28 that Lantu officially released the appearance spy photos of its first coupe today.

At present, Lantu’s first sedan has successfully completed nearly 150,000 kilometers of rigorous summer standard tests in the high temperature plateau area of ​​Northwest China. The test items include powertrain, durability, thermal management and air conditioning. The completion of the summer standard test also means that The new car is one step closer to the launch.

From the appearance, the new car adopts a large fastback C-pillar, similar to the Panamera. He is also equipped with sports kits such as hidden door handles, smooth and elegant vehicle lines, and a segmented rear spoiler, which is most likely a power-oriented model.

According to a number of Weibo bloggers, the internal code name of this car is H53, which is positioned as a medium and large sedan. The size of the test car is larger than the 5 Series Li and close to the size of the 7 Series. The interior is multi-connected screens, and there is a new car-machine interaction.

IT Home has learned that VOYAH is a high-end brand of new energy vehicles under Dongfeng Motor. It was established in 2018 and has the world’s first dual-power electric drive modular architecture ESSA architecture. Currently, the models on sale include Lan Figure FREE and Lan Figure Dreamer. This sedan is Lantu’s third mass-produced model and is expected to debut within this year.

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