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Japan has developed the diamond semiconductor with the highest output power value in the world-IT HOME



News from IT House on January 24, according to the Financial Associated Press, recently, progress has been made in the development of semiconductors for power control that use diamonds, known as “ultimate power semiconductors”. Professor Kazuki, a professor at Saga University in Japan, collaborated with Orbray, a precision parts manufacturer in Japan, to develop a power semiconductor made of diamond that operates at 875 megawatts per square centimeter.

This power semiconductor has the world’s highest output power value among existing diamond semiconductors, and is second only to gallium nitride products at approximately 2,090 megawatts among all semiconductors.. Compared with silicon carbide (SiC) products and gallium nitride (GaN) products, which are next-generation power semiconductors, diamond semiconductors have excellent performance such as high voltage resistance, and power loss is considered to be reduced to 1/50,000 of silicon products.

Diamond power semiconductors are also highly resistant to heat and radiation, and are expected to become necessary components for artificial satellites by around 2050.

Diamond material has the characteristics of high carrier mobility, high carrier saturation drift rate, and strong breakdown field. It is an ideal material for manufacturing high-power, high-temperature, and high-frequency devices. Due to its wide band gap and high thermal conductivity , breakdown electric field strength, extremely high charge mobility (the electron mobility of CVD diamond> 75000px2/Vs), which enables diamond semiconductor devices to operate in very harsh environments such as high frequency, high power, high voltage and strong radiation, and is called the “ultimate semiconductor material”.

IT Home learned that the global annual output of natural diamonds is about 150 million carats, while the output of artificial diamonds exceeds 20 billion carats, 95% of which come from mainland China.

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