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It’s the 10,000-dollar graphics card!Gainward RTX 4080 Glare SOC Evaluation: 3.1GHz Frequency Voltage Stabilization 71℃



1. Foreword: RTX 4080 glare SOC graphics card with stronger materials and power supply than the public version

With its excellent Ada Lovelace architecture and excellent energy-efficiency ratio, RTX 40 series graphics cards have recently attracted a lot of attention.

We at Kuaitech have also successively evaluated a variety of new graphics cards, all of which have shown very powerful performance. Even the RTX 4070 Ti has the strength to compete head-on with the previous generation of card king RTX 3090 Ti.

We have now received the Gainward RTX 4080 Glare SOC to see how it performs.

In terms of parameters and specifications, Gainward RTX 4080 glare SOC adopts AD103 GPU core, which is TSMC’s 4N process technology. It has 7 sets of GPC, 76 sets of SM units, a total of 9728 stream processors, and 304 fourth-generation cards. Quantity units, 76 third-generation light-tracing units, 304 texture units, 112 ROP raster units, and it also has a 64MB L2 cache.

The base frequency of Gainward RTX 4080 Glare SOC and the public version are both 2205MHz, but the Boost frequency is 105MHz higher, which is 2625MHz.

It is equipped with 16GB of GDDR6X memory, 256-bit bit width, can achieve 22.4Gbps equivalent frequency, and up to 716.8GB/s memory bandwidth. Although it is not as good as the 1008GB/s of the RTX 4090, it can still meet the high-end needs of users at 4K.

16+3-phase flagship power supply, 3 Windblade fans + 8 composite heat pipes + large-area heat dissipation fins + penetrating metal heat dissipation backplane, the second-generation Xuanzhi Obsidian radiator is better than The public version is much stronger, which can help the graphics card to release its performance to the limit.

Next, we will examine the performance of Gainward RTX 4080 Glare SOC (hereinafter referred to as Gainward RTX 4080) graphics card from theoretical tests, games, productivity, and baking machines.

Gainward RTX 4080 Glare SOC Graphics Card Parameters
core architecture Ada Lovelace Architecture
CUDA cores 9728
base frequency 2205MHz
Boost frequency 2625MHz
Memory capacity 16GB
memory type GDDR6X
memory bandwidth 256bit
memory frequency 22.4Gbps
Output Interface 3×DP 1.4a、1×HDMI 2.1a
power supply interface 12VHPWR
graphics card size With baffle: 362*155*76mm Without baffle: 350*140*76mm
TDP power consumption 320W
Recommended power supply 750W
price 10999 yuan
save PictureWatchmaking: Fast Technology KKJ.CN2023.01

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