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It is reported that ARM has slashed R&D investment for listing: 50% layoffs, more emphasis on return on investment – Programmer Sought



According to the British “Financial Times” report, while sprinting to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, ARM continued to reduce its investment in “blue sky research” (referring to scientific research whose practical application purpose is not yet obvious).And focus R&D resources on more commercially rewarding products.

According to reports, ARM closed its cutting-edge research and development facility ARM Research Institute last year.In all Only half of 150 engineers get an internal transfer.A former ARM engineer told the Financial Times,The main reason for the company to choose to close the ARM Research Institute is to reduce the investment in “blue sky research”, concentrate superior resources, and develop products that can see returns in the short term.This approach also caused a lot of internal opposition, and dissident employees felt that it was too short-sighted.

According to people familiar with the matter, the ARM Research Institute has not completely given up on “blue sky research”, and will link the company’s future business development to achieve a closer relationship. People familiar with the matter also added that ARM will further explore multiple fields in the next 10 years.

IT House learned from reports that ARM co-founder John Biggs (John Biggs) was previously responsible for promoting cooperation with various universities to research chip technology,Currently working part-time.

There is also news that Biggs has joined Pragmatic Semiconductor, a British chip company invested by ARM, as an investor. As of press time, Biggs did not respond to media reports.

The research and development projects of the chip architecture and machine learning of the ARM Research Institute will be transferred to other departments within the company, and the research and development projects of semiconductor materials, circuits and transistors will be shut down.

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